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These are children

I am confused at the moment. If I were to judge by social media I would say we care more for animals than children.

Post something about cruelty to cats, or dogs and you will see huge engagement. By that I mean people liking, sharing and commenting – donating.

But, post something about what’s happening to the children left to fend for themselves in the Jungle in Calais and there is barely a response.

Are we all out of compassion, or is there another reason?

As a pet lover myself I know I feel sick when I see images of animals left to starve or being cruelly treated.

In my opinion it’s only the lowest of the low who would do such things to defenceless animals.

Having observed my own pets for years I know that animals make great friends and they want very little in return, except food, water and shelter and of course a bit of love, which they return tenfold, if not more.

Yet being an animal lover hasn’t made me oblivious to the fact that there are now children being bombed, maimed, starved and neglected and a great many of them are stranded in Calais.


Some of them aren’t even managing to get food and water – never mind the rest.

Wouldn’t they like a bit of food, water, shelter and love?

I just read a post on Facebook, written by Liath Gleeson, who is currently volunteering in Calais.

She writes about the terrible fate of children left to live in the burnt out ruins of The Jungle or to camp in old shipping containers.

She explains that although ‘it is true that 9,000 people have been bussed from the camp there are still around 1,500 unaccompanied minors.’


Their existence apparently is unofficial so this relieves the French government from a duty of care.

They are not being provided with food or water…

We would… well I can’t speak for everyone but I would be outraged if this was happening to animals and I am a million times more outraged that this is happening to children.

I won’t go on, but you can read Liath’s full post here.

Comparisons are being made with the Holocaust and this is not an exaggeration.

These are kids stranded in a wealthy European country. They have fled persecution and destruction of their homes and families and yet the world seems to be ignoring their fate.

What does it take?

Propaganda, right wing bullshit and jokes about adults pretending to be kids to gain access to the UK must bear some responsibility for our reluctance to act.

It seems many are willing to jump on these lies and use the lies as an excuse for not helping.

People believe this shit – I have read their posts and their jokes –  they really do.

The volunteers who have given up their time to feed, shelter and teach these children are not stupid – there are many of them out there and they are reporting directly to us.

They wouldn’t be doing it if they didn’t feel compelled to respond with compassion to what is obviously a desperate need.


Most of us wouldn’t treat an animal the way they are being treated. These are children.

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