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Bonkers In Ballyyahoo


‘Bonkers In Ballyyahoo’ is the first book of my Ballyyahoo series. The story is set in a secret little town that’s so secret that the only people who know where it is are the people who live there, and they are not telling.  All anyone knows is that Ballyyahoo is somewhere on the Wild Atlantic Way in Ireland.


Gerry Mac and his cousin, Kevin, are so bored they get bored being bored. There’s a lot to do in Ballyyahoo but they’re just too bored to do it. All Gerry wants to do is swing around on his garden gate but Kevin has other things on his mind. They say the devil makes work for idle hands and the only time Kevin’s hands aren’t idle is when he’s playing tricks and pranks on the poor unfortunate townspeople of Ballyyahoo.


Kevin’s latest trick was a prank too far and the people of Ballyyahoo went even madder than they already are. Kevin ended up being grounded for three whole weeks. When he finally got free again, he was so different, and so good, that Gerry wondered if his devilish cousin had been changed forever. Gerry hopes not. He liked the old Kevin – the new Kevin is even more boring than boredom itself.

Has Kevin changed for good? Or is the old Kevin still lurking around waiting to drive everyone Bonkers in Ballyyahoo?

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